The Checkup: 4 Unexpected Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Cup of Coffee

And other noteworthy health tips.

• Move over sugar and cream — ever thought of adding mushroom powder to your morning brew? What about collagen? Ashwagandha, maybe? If the answer is no, you’re behind in jumping on the healthy-coffee-mix-in bandwagon. [Well + Good]

• Caught in a constant struggle with the scale? Here, dietitians dish on all their weight-loss secrets. [NBC News]

• Spoiler: Pre-washed greens actually still need to be washed. [Fox News]

• One brave runner ate a WHOLE bunch of beets for weeks to see just how much they really impact performance. [Runner’s World]

• The yogurt aisle is teeming with options these days. You’ve got your Greek yogurt, French yogurt, Icelandic yogurt — plus all the dairy-free options. Here, read up on which of these is the healthiest yogurt pick. [TIME]

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