The Checkup: The Upsetting Downside to Sharing a Bed

And more wellness news to keep you in the loop.

• Uh-oh, sharing a bed with your significant other could be leading to increased levels of inflammation — not to mention, a groggy, grumpy mood when you wake up — new research shows. [Well + Good]

• Does all this heat have you feeling sweaty and, well, selfish? Here’s the scientific reason why you might be feelin’ a little less inclined to help others this summer. [Science of Us]

• Stress can really cause an onslaught of cravings (donuts, anyone?). Enter these healthy comfort foods that will also boost your mood. #Winning. [Women’s Health]

• A new study shows how your morning commute can change your entire day. Here, read why you should swap your car keys for your bike tomorrow morning. [TIME]

•It’s summer — you’re bound to have a few late nights with some after-dinner drinks. But instead of reaching greasy diner food the next morning, here are 21 healthy breakfast cures to kick your hangover[Greatist]

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