The Checkup: The Meal-Prep Trick That Will Get You to Eat Way More Salad

And more health and fitness news to kickstart your week.

• Tell us if this sounds familiar: From the age of three you’ve constantly been told to eat your greens, but it always seems like by the time you’re actually going to make a salad, your greens, well, aren’t so green anymore. Here’s the trick to stop neglecting those good-for-you leaves: Next time you hit the farmers’ market, pick a few greens you know you love and create (and bag) your own DIY salad mix — one that you’ll actually enjoy — then stick a paper towel inside the ziplock. Boom: Easy-to-grab fresh greens that you’ll actually want to eat, at your fingertips for the week!  [Bon Appétit]

• Amazon’s on the move this week. First the Whole Foods news, and now it seems they’re partnering with Nike. [Refinery29]

• Ahh, smiling simply because it’s finally summer? Turns out it’s not just in your head — summer scientifically affects your brain. Here, read the ways warm weather might be uppin’ your mood. [Huffington Post]

• Calling all avocado toast fiends! Your favorite savory breakfast just got a pretty sweet makeover. Here, how to make chocolate avocado toast. [PopSugar]

• Hey, gym junkies — don’t think you need yoga in your life? Here, a former college linebacker dishes on how yoga can make you stronger. [MindBodyGreen]

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