The Checkup: Whoa! CHOP Docs Separate Twin Babies Joined at Head 

And more health-related reads to have on your radar.

• Let’s give the doctors over at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia a round of applause: Twin infants who were born conjoined at the head were just separated by doctors at the hospital in a procedure called craniopagus surgery, which has only been performed 59 times since 1952. The twins, who are almost a year old, are now recovering from the surgery at CHOP. []

• Here, a registered dietitian breaks down her argument for upping your protein intake … by a LOT. [MindBodyGreen]

• Useful info for our Instagram-obsessed world: The Instagram food trends that are — and aren’t — good for your waistline. (Lookin’ at you, mermaid toast.) [Women’s Health]

Vegetables need a new PR person. A new study finds that, with some marketing tweaks, people will eat way more of them. [Futurity]

• On the plus side of your frenemy relationship: A little friendly competition can have some serious positive impacts on both your workouts and your work life, new research out of Penn shows. [Health]

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