The Checkup: Why This Counterintuitive Weight-Loss Tip Works 

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• When you’re trying to lose weight, your goal with your workouts might be just that: To lose weight. But trainer Tony Gentilcore makes a good point: Replacing your thoughts of weight loss (seriously, forget it!) with another purpose for exercising — a goal separate from the simple aesthetics-focused goal of weight loss — like finally being able to do a pull-up, could be the key to actually reaching your weight-loss goals in the end. [Women’s Health]

• WTF are lectins? Here, a breakdown of the buzzword, and whether or not you really need to be concerned about them. [Huffington Post]

• Your excuse to press snooze: New research shows that just 30 minutes of extra shuteye could do your cognitive functioning some serious good. [Well + Good]

• Here, the least-fishy way to shop for fish. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) [MindBodyGreen]

• Ack! New research shows that getting in too much gym time could take a negative toll on your gut. [Men’s Health]

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