The Checkup: Someone Dared to Rank All the LaCroix Flavors — Do You Agree?

And more healthy reads you need to read today.

• Ranking the LaCroix flavors is a bold move considering just how feisty folks can get over their favorites (I’ve witnessed more than one heated happy-hour argument on the topic). But one brave soul did it. (How dare she put the almighty coconut SO low though, am I right?) [POPSUGAR Food]

• And speaking of LaCroix, if you are a devotee, you need to watch this music video devoted to the drink right this second. [Grub Street]

• Just another reason to give your dog a snuggle when you get home today: Keeping Fido around could be the OG probiotic, helping to keep our guts healthy. [New York Times]

Social jet lag: When you stay out WAY past your bedtime with friends on Saturday night, then sleep in Sunday, totally throwing your sleep schedule out of whack. And it’s not just bad for your productivity — new research shows it could have a slew of negative effects on your health. [Well + Good]

•  Weight training isn’t all about giant muscles, researchers say. Here’s why you should be doing it, even if protein shakes so aren’t your thing. [TIME]

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