The Checkup: Why You Can’t Trust This Number on Your Fitness Tracker

And more healthy reads for your week.

• When it comes to calculating how many calories you’ve burned, your fitness tracker is probably prettttty off, a new study out of Stanford University shows. Of the fitness trackers they compared, the most accurate when it came to counting calories was the Fitbit Surge — and it still had a margin of error of 27.4 percent. Oof. [Science of Us]

• If you aren’t throwing the peel of your bananas into the blender along with the rest of your smoothie ingredients, you’re missing out on some pretty sweet benefits. Think: antioxidants and weight-loss-boosting fiber. [Women’s Health]

• The sad truth: Even those with noblest of intentions can fail at standing desks. [Man Repeller]

• Uh-oh: If your fridge is packed to the brim with leftover hot dogs from the weekend, it’s worth noting that 100 tons of hot dogs, including Nathan’s and Curtis, we’re recalled due to the possibility of metal pieces floating around in them. [Men’s Health]

• Here, a four-ingredient face mask made of stuff you’ll find in your pantry. Easy. [Bon Appétit]

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