The Checkup: Why Avocados Are So Expensive Right Now

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday!

• It’s not all in your imagination: The price of avocados is the highest its been in 19 years due to a serious increase in demand (Mexican shipments to the U.S. have spiked from 24 million pounds of avocados in 2000 to 1.76 BILLION pounds in 2015) and a decrease in crop. And analyst Roland Fumasi says the prices will probably stay eleveated through summer. Womp, womp. [Bloomberg]

• 12 seconds is how long it takes the average mammal to poop, new research shows. So if you’re sitting on the toilet for WAY longer than that, you might want to call your doc. [New Scientist]

• A-ha! So THIS is why you get hiccups. [TIME]

• Ever wondered how long you have to sit still for meditation to actually work? The answer is 10 measly minutes. You can do that! [Well + Good]

Health-aware houses are the new smart houses. [Fast Company]

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