The Checkup: The Calorie-Saving Way You Should Be Using Cauliflower (But Aren’t) 

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday.

• We’ve all heard time and time again that subbing in Greek yogurt when you’re whipping up something creamy is a smart and easy way to lighten up a dish, but bet you hadn’t thought about using steamed pureed cauliflower to get that creamy consistency in dishes like risotto and creamed spinach. One chef says you should start doing just that, plus more chef-approved cooking tricks that will lighten up your plate. [Greatist]

Hating your commute less is all about tweaking the way you think about: Instead of seeing it as a daily curse, think of it as daily free time. Better, right? [Science of Us]

• Womp, womp: We already know that salt is bad news for our waistlines, but did you also know that you’re probably eating WAY more of it — like six times more — than you think you are? [TIME]

• Waking up can be hard, but it’s easier when you have a morning mantra to get you pumped for the day. Here, fitness it-girls share theirs. [Well + Good]

• It IS possible to cook brown rice in under 30 minutes. The trick is to boil it like pasta. Who knew? [Bon Appétit]

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