The Checkup: How This Common Ingredient Could Be Making You Fat 

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• Put dooooown the salt shaker: New research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that folks were hungrier when they were on higher-sodium diets than when they were on lower-sodium diets consuming the same number of daily calories and nutrients. And being hungrier means there’s a greater chance you’ll reach for that 3 p.m. office-kitchen donut. Womp, womp. [TIME]

Kim Kardashian thanked the flu for helping her lose six pounds and the Internet lost its damn mind. [Elle]

• In case you need to talk yourself into splurging on a massage, know that they are good for WAY more than soothing sore muscles. [Men’s Health]

• An excuse to indulge in a chai latte: Cardamom may be a secret wonder ingredient when it comes to your skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers. [Well + Good]

Metallic running shorts are having a moment. And we have to say, we don’t hate it. [MindBodyGreen]

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