The Checkup: Why You Should Eat Dinner At Least This Many Hours Before Bed 

And more reads to keep you healthy this Tuesday!

• If your usual post-work routine involves you getting home after the gym around 8:45 p.m., shoveling a plate of food into your mouth, washing your face, then rolling into bed, that’s probably not doing your digestion any favors. According to gastroenterologist Joseph Murray, in order to give your stomach time to break down food, you should avoid eating a big meal for at least three hours before bed. (If you’re currently saying “Oops,” I’m with you.) [Men’s Health]

• Here, the ultimate guide to vegan cuisine in Philly, as broken down by Food & Wine. The usual suspects (think: Vedge, Dottie’s Donuts and HipCityVeg) make the cut. [Food & Wine]

Self-tanner: Is everyone (secretly) using it? [Man Repeller]

• Big news: Whole Foods’ prices could soon drop — buy maybe at the cost of access to exclusive local products. [Wall Street Journal]

• Let’s all give Kathrine Switzer a round of applause, please: She’s the woman who, in 1967, ran in the all-male Boston Marathon — and nearly got booted off the course. Yesterday, she ran the race again. [New York Times]

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