The Checkup: The Magic Numbers for Seeing Gym Results, According to a Pro

And more healthy reads for your Thursday!

20 to 60 minutes: That’s how much time you need to invest in fitness each day if you want to see actual gym results, this kinesiology professor say. Why such a wide range in time? Well, it all depends on how hard you work, he says. [Science of Us]

• Asking yourself these four questions — dubbed HALT — can help you steer clear of making totally wacky, hanger-induced, plain ol’ bad decisions. [Quartz]

• After some serious losses (hi, year of giving people stomach aches), Chipotle finally gets a win: They’ve created new tortillas that boast just five ingredients (flour, water, canola oil, salt and yeast), making your burrito a litttttle bit less guilt-inducing. [Grub Street]

• Here, an explanation for why you are suddenly VERY concerned (obsessed even?) with Richard Simmons’ whereabouts. [Well + Good]

• If you’re looking to upgrade your cooking skills, here, secrets from healthy cooking school. [Bon Appétit]

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