The Checkup: 10 Common Food Mistakes Even Devoted Healthy Eaters Make

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

• Who knew you aren’t supposed to down your vitamins at the same time you chug your morning coffee? Not me. (Turns out, caffeine screws with the absorption of certain vitamins.) And who knew that you’re supposed rinse canned beans because they are covered — like completely drenched — in sodium? Not me. (Rinsing the beans knocks almost half of it off.) And another thing: Did you know that not all yogurt is probiotic-packed? Here, 10 nutrition mistakes that even healthy people fall victim to. [Washington Post]

• Proof turmeric has truly made it: Even Lay’s is using the trendy anti-inflammatory root. [Well + Good]

• Here, why you should take a moment of silence every damn day at work, even if you have nothing to mourn. Hint: Your boss will thank you. [Science of Us]

• Yikes: If you’ve got edamame in your freezer (look at you, on your healthy-snacking game!), check the bag — there was just a huge recall. [Refinery29]

• A clean house is a healthier house. But let’s be honest: Cleaning kind of blows. Here, six tricks to cut down on your time spent dusting and scrubbing. [PureWOW]

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