The Checkup: The Mistakes That Are Thwarting Your Efforts to Slash Belly Fat 

And more reads to kick off your Tuesday.

Belly fat is notoriously stubborn. And on top of that, these five mistakes and misconceptions — like thinking that just doing a bazillion crunches a day will erase a bulge — could be thwarting your efforts to shed pounds from your middle. [Women’s Health]

• If you’re constantly wondering “WTF should I eat before — and after! — this workout?” take note of these easy-to-remember pre- and post-workout fueling rules, courtesy of an exercise scientist. [Science of Us]

• Shoveling some snow today? First, read these tips — like to push snow rather than to lift it — to avoid hurting yourself. [Vybe]

• Good news: Giving up alcohol may not be a non-negotiable when it comes to weight loss. [New York Times]

• Here, the ultimate cheat sheet to foods you think are healthy, but actually aren’t. [TIME]

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