YAY: Boutique Fitness Hot Spot Solidcore to Open a Second Chestnut Street Studio


Photo courtesy Solidcore.

If you’ve ever taken a Solidcore class, you know that you leave feeling confident — perhaps for the first time — that you actually have abs, and that maybe (one day!), you may actually be able to see them.

This feeling doesn’t come easy though: The 50-minute workout, done on a spring-based reformer-like machine (it’s dubbed the Sweatlana), is filled with slow — but killer — movements designed to break down your slow-twitch muscle fibers so that your calorie burn persists long after class is over. In my first class, the girl next to me was audibly groaning in what seemed to be a mix of holy-crap-this-is-hard exasperation and approval. I repeat: It’s a hard workout. The signature club-like vibes of the studio (hello, blue lights and blasting Rihanna tunes) help, though. And the realization that your abs exist is a perk, too.

So if you’re into building your abs — and toning up the rest of your body, because don’t get me wrong: it’s a full-body workout — in a nightclub-like atmosphere, good news: The studio, which debuted in Philly at Washington Square West’s 725 Chestnut Street in September of 2016, then opened a second studio in Bryn Mawr in December, is slated to a third Philly location this June.

Like their first Philly studio, the third Philly outpost for the DC-area import will also be on Chestnut Street, this time at 2116 Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse. The studio will be outfitted with 11 machines (a few less than their Washington Square West location), and will serve up the same signature workout. Your first class will cost you $15, then $32 for single classes after that, with prices dropping down to $26 per class for packages.

This comes after news that the New York-based Megaformer studio SLT will be setting up shop in Rittenhouse this spring. Consider your abs duly warned, Rittenhouse residents!

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