Yippee! Cult-Followed Megaformer Studio SLT to Open First Philly Location 

The Megaformer studio is coming to Rittenhouse.

Photo courtesy SLT

Photo courtesy SLT

We’ve got some exciting news, folks: SLT, the cult-followed New York-based Megaformer studio — one of the OGs in the Megaformer business, around since 2011 — is slated to open their very first Philly studio, in Rittenhouse, this spring. Who else can feel their abs wincing already?

The 2,500-square-foot studio, large in comparison to some of their other 12 locations, will be located on the second floor of 1625 Walnut Street, right about the Free People store. But before we tell you all about the studio, let’s start with what you can expect from the workout. As SLT founder Amanda Freeman tells us, “The simplest way to describe it is Pilates on crack, but that doesn’t do it justice. It is definitely an evolved version of the Pilates workout, but it’s evolved to a level that I wouldn’t call it actual Pilates.” She also describes the 50-minute Megaformer workout, which is said to burn up to 700 calories in one session, as “if cardio, strength training and Pilates had a baby.”

All you really need to know is, the workout’s designed to be efficient in terms of results, which means it’s pretty darn challenging. But not to fear: There’s motivating music played throughout so that you don’t give up and collapse on the machine midway through your bazillionth pulse. “We don’t want you to never come back. We want you to feel challenged and changed,” Freeman says. I say, if Karlie Kloss does it, who am I to say no? (Must. Get. Karlie. Kloss. Abs.)

Now, back to the Philly studio. The studio space will be large and light-filled, with 12 Megaformer machines in the main studio space, along with a private room with two additional machines. And — drumroll, please — the studio will have three (!!) bathrooms, which Freeman says they are very excited about. (Anyone who has ever had to wait in the bathroom line for way too long, legs wobbling, after a fitness class will also be excited.)

When it comes to settling in Philly for the first time, Freeman says, “There are opportunities and clients who’ve been requesting for us to come there. We love that the clientele lives and works around that location.” If the studio is a success, the idea is spread around Philly and into the ‘burbs.

Now, let’s get to pricing: As we all know, Megaformer workouts are not cheap. That said, SLT’s Philly classes will be less expensive than their New York classes, which ring in at $40 a pop; a single class in Philly will cost you $32.

The studio is slated to open in Rittenhouse in March or April of 2017 — so your abs can let out a sigh of relief. They’ve got some time to prepare.

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