Sound Space Philly Opens Bigger and Better Brewerytown Studio Today

Does anything make you want to dance more than the chirping birds and bright sunlight of early spring? Maybe it’s just me, but when spring hits I start to have the urge to run through fields dancing and singing like I’m Maria in the freaking Sound of Music. If you have similar (but maybe less dramatic) feelings, good news: Sound Space, Philly’s only dedicated percussive dance studio, is moving from Brewerytown’s North Bailey Street and opening in its new (bigger!) Brewerytown studio space on Girard Avenue today, March 3rd. Looks like you’ve found the perfect place to get your (early) spring groove on.

First things first, what the heck is percussive dancing? It’s basically a very rhythmic form of dance that requires some pretty precise footwork (think: Irish step dance and tap for example). Sound Space offers a wide variety of percussive, street and vernacular dance classes including Odissi, an ancient Indian classical dance, Lindy Hop, which is a jazz and swing fusion and more familiar forms of dance like tap, hip-hop and flamenco. These forms of dance require a really sturdy floor to properly display and resound the steps and Sound Space claims to have the best floor in town — 1,200 square feet of sprung hardwood. (They promise you’ll hear the difference.) They also tell us they’ll have Zumba, and they have a recurring class on the schedule called Friday Night Adult Hip-Hop. (Yasssss.)

And if you’re a dance novice, do note: Sound Space’s classes, from kids classes to adult classes, are designed to be accessible for all levels of dancers. You can wear any sort of athletic attire you’re comfortable jiving in and a pair of hard-soled shoes. Schedule and pricing can be found here.

As for the grand-opening fun, it’s going down this evening from 5 to 10 p.m. at the new Sound Space studio (2511 West Girard Avenue, Brewerytown), featuring an open house and open dance with snacks and drinks, a raffle, giveaways and, of course, tons of dancing. So go, shake your groove thang.

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