Do You Shower Right Before Bed?

Turns out people are pretty passionate about their shower times.

Last week, we alerted you all to the fact that, despite the cozy feels a hot shower or bath may give you, you actually shouldn’t take a hot shower or bath right before you go to bed. (You can read all about why here.) The post went, in a word, bananas. And I was kind of surprised by this, thinking that most folks preferred to shower in the morning, mostly to jolt themselves awake and avoid getting shampoo residue all over their pillow at night.

Guess I was wrong.

Comments on Facebook and on the post itself ran the gamut, going from “I’ve been doing this for years — I knew something was up!” to “I’ve been doing this for years — YOU’RE WRONG.” (I’m paraphrasing here.) And now, since people are clearly very passionate about their showers — and their shower times — I’m curious to know, when do you shower? In the morning? When you get home from the gym, a few hours before bed (this would, scientifically, be ideal for nighttime shower-takers)? Right before you hop into bed? Satisfy our nosiness in the poll below.

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