The Checkup: These Are Philly’s Most Popular Running Spots

• Strava and Runner’s World teamed up to figure out where folks log the most miles in 20 big cities in the US. Any ideas for Philly? Fine, fine, we’ll tell you (though you probably could’ve guessed): The two most popular Philly running spots are — can I get a drumroll? — the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Schuylkill River Trail. [Runner’s World]

• Ruh-roh. Got any Sargento cheese lying around your fridge? You’re going to want to check the sell-by date — the company just issued a recall of some of their cheeses. [Refinery29]

• Proof we’re finally starting to take our guts seriously: the word microbiome just earned a spot in the dictionary. [Huffington Post]

• “The worst behaved kids became leaders among their peers. The ones who had been fighting became the ones breaking up fights.” Just a little dose of what can happen when you trade detention for meditation. [Organic Life]

• Want to be more like Beyoncé? (More of a badass boss queen, that is.) Stop wasting and start embracing your mornings — here’s how. [TIME]

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