The Checkup: Habits of Productive People That You Should Totally Steal 

And more reads to start your Friday on the right foot.

• If your workweek is coming to a close and you feel like you only knocked out a quarter of the items on your weekly to-do list, take note of these eight habits of people who get s*&% done. Then steal them — your mental health will thank you next Friday. [MindBodyGreen]

• Ruh-roh: If you follow the Alkaline Diet, this news of the founder’s past scandals might make you second-guess your eating habits. [Well + Good]

• Well, this just may be the best invention ever: A super-smart bag of chips, designed for the Super Bowl, that will call you an Uber if you’ve been drinking. [Ad Week]

• Hitting up Trader Joe’s this weekend? Jot down these sweet beauty product finds floating around the aisles first. [Women’s Health]

• Fact-checking Goop: Should you really be afraid of the bacteria in your shower head? [Huffington Post]

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