The Checkup: The Secret Ingredient That Transforms Scrambled Eggs

And more noteworthy reads for your morning.

• Some — and by some, I mean my mother and my boyfriend — call me the Scrambled Egg Queen. But this title doesn’t come easy: I always cook scrambled eggs on low heat for what feels like forever to get them just right. Turns out adding cornstarch, though, can seriously cut that time, allowing for the texture of low-and-slow scrambled eggs in just a few seconds. Yes, please! [Self]

• So, you know you’re supposed to massage kale. But did you know you should be giving your Brussels sprouts a good rubdown before eating ‘em, too? [Huffington Post]

• Here, why everyone is talking about LSD in relation to depression. [The Atlantic]

• Good news, coffee addicts: More research shows that your coffee addiction might actually be helping you out when it comes to your health, this time in the inflammation arena. [TIME]

• Strava: Destroyer of beautiful runs that fill the need for solitude? Maybe — but that’s not going to stop this runner from using it. [Outside]

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