14 (More!) Philly Foods and Drinks That Will Help You Survive a Cold 

Go ahead and bookmark this for the next time a brutal cold strikes.

Grits at La Colombe | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Grits at La Colombe | Photo by Adjua Fisher

As I type this, I am washing down my third dose of sinus medication for the day with a swig of turmeric and cayenne-loaded citrus juice, trying my best to convince myself that I do not feel like garbage. It’s not working. Because I do feel like garbage. And I am 97 percent certain that the only time in the near future that I will not feel like garbage will be when I am eating one of the items on the below list: Some of my and my coworkers’ favorite sick foods from around Philly.

Last year, we gave you guys a list of our 15 go-to sick foods around the city, and when I stopped being able to breathe through my nose earlier this week, I referred back to it. It’s a great list, if I do say so myself (check it out here), but I realized I had more to add. So here you go. Read up, then bookmark this list for the next time you come down with a cold. You can thank us later.

Where to go: Ekta, multiple locations.
What to Get: Tikka Masala
There is something about the tomato-y, slightly spicy sauce of this Indian dish from Ekta that speaks to a sick soul like nothing else out there. It’s like a warm hug in a bowl.

Where to go: Stripp’d Juice, 263 North 3rd Street, Old City
What to get: Jala at Ya Boy juice and Ginger Shot
Green juice — and don’t worry, this version, loaded with kale along with less bitter goodies like grapefruit and blood orange, isn’t one you have to force-chug — just makes you feel healthy. Even when you’re drinking it while huddled in the fetal position in bed, with snot dripping onto your pillow case. (Been there.) And if you’re stomach is bothering you, that’s where the ginger shot comes in: ginger is known for knocking out nausea and other tummy woes.

Where to go: The Pub on Passyunk East, 1501 Passyunk Avenue, South Philly
What to get: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Fact: Grilled cheese and tomato soup never gets old — especially when you’re one cough away from calling your mother and begging her come take care of you. This particular combo from this South Philly pub is a favorite of former Be Well Philly editor Emily Leaman’s, and while she notes it’s not exactly healthy, it’s hot and, perhaps most importantly, flavorful enough for you to taste when you’re stuffed up.

Where to go: Good Spoon Soupery, 1400 North Front Street, Fishtown
What to get: Any of their soups. Really. They’re all delicious.
This spot rotates their soups on the daily, so it’s best not to set your sights on one soup in particular. But take solace in knowing that, based on what I’ve tasted, all of their soups — from truffled cauliflower to mushroom velouté to penang curry — are the bomb dot com. And they’ve also got Inspired Brews kombucha in the cold case, which you can add to your meal for extra health points.

Where to go: Spread Bagelry, 262 South 20th Street, Rittenhouse
What to get: A bagel with butter
You know when you’re so sick that the only thing you can even begin to consider putting into your face and swallowing is a loaf of dry white bread? Well, consider a fresh-baked Montreal-style bagel dabbed with Amish butter an (equally digestible) upgrade.

Where to go: Little Baby’s Ice Cream, 2311 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown, and 4903 Catharine Street, West Philly
What to get: Dairy-Free Coconut Tea Ice Cream
This one, my friends, is for when you’ve been coughing up a lung for days on end and your throat feels like it’s on fire. This coconut tea ice cream will cool a burning throat right down, and it’s dairy-free, so you won’t be punished with globs of post-indulgence phlegm. (Could I have worded that more disgustingly? My apologies.)

Where to go: Thang Long Noodle Restaurant, 2534-36 Kensington Avenue, Kensington
What to get: Mixed Vegetables Noodle Soup
This pho spot is what’s UP. First off, they have an entire vegan menu, which — in a city where it can feel damn near impossible to find vegetarian or vegan pho — is quite the blessing. Secondly, it’s cheap. (I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do when I’m sick is be brought to tears by a soup bill.) And third, their soup broth — we suggest adding sriracha — will momentarily drown out your “WHEN WILL I FEEL BETTER — EVER? NEVER?!” bad thoughts.

Where to go: Circles Thai, multiple locations
What to get: Coconut Milk Soup and Pad See Ew
This appetizer-sized coconut milk soup, with hints of lemongrass, lime juice and shallots, is to a cold what a nap is to a bad day — it won’t be a cure-all, but it does provide a few sweet, sweet minutes of relief. And like the tomato soup mentioned above, the flavors of the Pad See Ew are powerful enough for even the most stuffed up of humans to taste. #Winning

Where to go: La Colombe Fishtown, 1335 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown
What to get: Grits and Turmeric Tea
If you are not on the grits train, you need to hop on. These aren’t your microwaved diner grits. These are creamy, cheesy, super-flavorful grits, topped with scallions. They are like the soup of breakfasts — warm, comforting, and easy to swallow. And by now, I’m sure you’re already well-versed in the many benefits of turmeric, so just order the tea. Trust us.

Where to go: Sip-N-Glo, 932 South Street, Bella Vista, 257 South 20th Street, Rittenhouse
What to get: Radiant Glo
Because when you are feeling anything but radiant, why not try to drink some radiance in? Bonus: This juice is like liquid gold, it’s so darn tasty. I, being the cheapskate I am, have been known to ration it out over days.

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