5 Candlelight Yoga Classes Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Cravings for Coziness

To me, candles are synonymous with coziness. And in the winter, when the sun sets at 4:17 p.m. and wind slaps you across the face the minute you leave your house, coziness is a pretty priceless commodity. But lest you become one of those people who spends all their disposable income on $60 Diptyque candles to satisfy your coziness cravings, we’ve got a better idea: candlelight yoga. You’ll get the cozy feel of oh-so-many candles surrounding you, along with a workout — without blowing your bank account on something that will just melt right before your eyes. Check out our five candlelight yoga picks around Philly, all of which will get your cozy fix along with something extra, below.

To get your body back in gear …
What: Flow + Restore at Yoga Habit, 1640 Fairmount Avenue, Fairmount.
When: Sundays at 6 p.m.
This class, billed by Yoga Habit as “the perfect way to transition from weekend to weekday,” is designed to release tension in the body, facilitate opening and work deep into your connective tissue. Consider it a self-massage of sorts — complete with candles — before you kick-start your week. Side note: After class, Yoga Habit usually hands out cold towels to soothe your (generally ridiulously sweaty) face. It’s the best.

To warm up …
What: Hot Power Fusion: Candlelight at CorePower Yoga, 1616 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse.
When: Times vary, check the schedule.
This hour-long class is one of the warmest classes — with the classroom heated to a balmy 100 to 103 degrees — offered at CorePower Yoga. According to the class description, you can expect a fusion of the detoxifying side effects of hot yoga, along with the intensity of power yoga, with a motivating playlist to keep you going when you feel like you simply don’t have one more Chaturanga in you.

To cure your Monday Blues …
What: Heavy Metal Mondays at Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, 1707 East Passyunk Avenue, South Philly.
When: Mondays at 7 p.m.
Sundays are to the week what a plush Sleep Number mattress is to the bedding game: They’re perfectly cozy, and you could spend your whole life in one and not mind one bit. Mondays, on the other hand, are like the cot on the floor of a hostel in Spain, where you’re forced to sleep because you didn’t do any hotel research before embarking on a soul-searching trip across the world. You know? In other words, Mondays can be harsh and make you want to scream. Insert this better alternative to screaming: A candlelit, all-levels Vinyasa class, set to heavy metal music.

To learn something new …
What: Candlelight Vinyasa and Mudra at Dhyana Yoga, 1030 Liberties Walk, Northern Liberties.
When: On a monthly basis; check the schedule.
At this hourlong class, which goes down monthly, you’ll get your downward dog on in a peaceful, candlelit room and, each time you attend, you’ll learn a new mudra, which is a hand position designed to influence energy. (I can see you rolling your eyes, but when SAD — i.e. seasonal affective disorder — is causing you to frown at all times, why not try harnessing your energy with your hands?)

To squeeze in a dose of meditation, too …
What: Candlelight Flow at Amrita Yoga and Wellness, 1204 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown.
When: Sundays at 7 p.m.
If you’re looking to tame your Sunday Scaries (hey, they happen to the best of us) with a bit of guided meditation, say hello to Amrita’s all-levels Candlelight Flow class, which kicks off with a rhythmic vinyasa sequence and typically ends with a guided meditation, according to the class description.

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