The Checkup: How to Use Protein Powder (Because You KNOW You Have Questions)

• The protein powder aisle can be a bit overwhelming. Here, all the questions you’ve ever had about protein powder answered, plus which types of protein to reach for — and when — to get the best bang for your buck. [Runner’s World]

• Hopefully this never happens to you, but if you find yourself struggling to find food to put in your face before a race, and somehow the only options are fast-food breakfast, here are the best choices. [Outside]

• Um, this 98-year-old yogi only drinks two things: tea (natch — yogis love tea) and wine. We’ll take that as health advice! [Bon Appétit]

• One West Philly resident installed a guerrilla bike lane on Spruce Street after getting fed up with the bike accidents he was seeing. Two years later, it’s still there. []

• This rap about growing your own food is fantastic. FAN-tastic, I tell you. [Refinery29]

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