Gift Guide: 15 Awesome Gifts for Philly Runners (As Chosen By Philly Runners)

Fact: Buying gifts is hard. You’re not a mindreader, after all. And there is nothing — NOTHING — worse than a total gift fail (see: that very awkward year my aunt bought my mom a scale for Christmas). So to help you all out, at least when it comes to the runners in your life, we got into the minds of some of our favorite Philly runners, asking them what they have on their holiday wish lists this season. Take note of their wish lists — which feature everything from water bottles to windbreakers — below. Then get to shopping for the runner in your life!

Psst: We’ve got your gift-buying questions covered in the healthy foodie and yogi departments, too!

Suzanne Allaire, Runner’s World
Running gifts on her wish list:
1. Leggings from Janji (starting at $74). “ The Contrast and the Altitude tights are top on my list this year. These tights are great for a run or even a day out and about in the city. They fit my carefree, sporty style to a T and I can even get away with wearing these to the office. Each pair purchased gives one year of clean water to one person in Kenya.”
2. Nuun ($7). “The holidays have always been a time for indulging, thus we all could stand to focus on our hydration a little bit more! Tubes of Nuun are a perfect stocking stuffer for that runner on your list! Side note: I also like to bring them with me to holiday parties tied up neatly in a fancy little pouch as a host gift to say thank you. They’re a great assist for fending off unwanted hangovers!”

Katie Rodger, The Juice
Running gifts on her wish list: 
1. Sunski sunglasses (starting at $48). “I look awkward enough when I run, I don’t need running-specific sunglasses to exacerbate that problem. Enter the Sunskis. They’re polarized, super lightweight and cute AF.”
2. After This We’re Getting Pizza Water Bottle ($20). “Because balance.”

Liz Pagonis, Philadelphia Runner 
Running gifts on her wish list:
1. Nike Aeroloft Vest ($280). “It’s dark out there and while I’d love to believe my flashy shoes and neon tops are enough to attract a driver’s attention, they’re not. I’m really hoping Santa drops the Nike Aeroloft Vest under my tree to keep me warm and bright.” (Also available locally at Philadelphia Runner.)
2. Race registration (price varies). “My new vest and I need something to train in the dark for! I usually work the Broad Street Run, The Philly 10K and Philadelphia Marathon so I’m hoping to find the ODDyssey Half Marathon, Back on My Feet 5 Miler, Students Run Philly Style Generation Run and Mayor’s Cup registrations in my stocking.”

Takia McClendon, City Fit Girls
Running gifts on her wish list:
1. Garmin Forerunner 35 ($200). “This watch receives text messages, has a built-in wrist-based heart-rate monitor and it track my runs. Bonus if it’s the teal color.”
2. Nike Shield Jacket ($175). “It’s lightweight, water-repellent and warm — and most importantly, it’s cute.”

Rebecca Barber, The Rocky 50K 
Running gifts on her wish list: 
1. Philly Runner Hoodie. “So this is brand new and having seen it in person, it’s so sick. It feels super comfy and still looks stylish for a hoodie. And getting to rep the best running store around? Hard to beat that!”
2. UltrApsire Hydration Pack ($104). “My adorable, but eager puppy chewed my favorite hydration pack and I’ve been mourning ever since. UltrAspire makes awesome packs that are clearly designed for runners, by runners. Just the number of pockets in this sucker has me giddy!”

Kiera Smalls, City Fit Girls 
Running gifts on her wish list:
1. Gift card to Philadelphia Runner. “Since I start marathon training very soon, I’d love a gift card to Philadelphia Runner so that I could get new activewear, a pair of Nike Pegasus shoes, and fuel.”
2. ROLL Recovery R8 ($119). “This will help me ensure proper recovery during training!”

Charles Scogna, CHARGE Performance and Wellness 
Running gifts on his wish list:
1. Garmin Forerunner 35 ($200). “I’ve had a great season and tracking on my iPhone while it dies mid-run just wont do it anymore. A perfect watch and something on my wish list is the Garmin 35. At $199, including wrist-based heart-rate monitoring, it is a perfect entry-level tool that keeps track of your distance, pace and I can upload my activity to my Strava account.”
2. The new Salming D4 running shoes ($150). “Salming is a Swedish company and has done about 10 years of Research and Development on their shoes like all Swedes do. They have the motto ‘No Nonsense Running’ and after a great fall season in their S3’s  with 5K and half marathon PRs, I know I have found my shoe. The new colors won’t be released until December 6th but I know what is going on my feet this January!”

Gary Brown Jr., Chasing Trail 
Running gifts on his wish list: 
1. One Gore-Tex Active Run Jacket ($330). “This is the number one thing on my list! It’s the Gore Shake Dry shell. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s amazing. And the breathability is unbelievable.”
2. New Balance Windblocker Tight ($119). “To keep the kibbles and bits warm when it’s below freezing.”

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