Holiday Gift Guide: What Philly Foodies Have on Their Wish Lists This Year

Raise your hand if you are a terrible gift giver. Same here. But not to fear: This year we’ve taken all the thinking of out gift giving for you by asking Philly folks — from healthy foodies to runners to yogis — straight-up: What’s on your holiday wish list?

First up, what gifts six of Philly’s healthy foodies are hoping to find under the tree this holiday season — links included. Read up, then steal an idea or two for the foodies in your life. And go ahead and take the credit for the brilliant idea — we won’t tell anyone.

Jessa Stevens of Inspired Brews
Gifts on her wish list:
1. Meals from Grateful Plate ($20.50 per serving and up). “They offer Manayunk-based meal delivery service with food that I’d feel good about eating, especially when I’m short on time to prepare a meal.”
2. Winter Wellness Kit from Arete Herbs ($89). “There’s so much good in here: The cardamom fennel digestive bitters is a beneficial treat, as it is delicious in some tonic or sparkling water. I also adore their immunity chai because it’s decaf and I can drink it in the evening.”

Grace Dickinson of FoodFitnessFreshAir
Gifts on her wish list:
1. Two-Pack of Soom Foods Organic Pure Ground Sesame Tahini Paste ($25). “I go through a jar of tahini as if it were a bag of coffee — so, fast! I use it almost daily, drizzling it on top of oatmeal, yogurt, roasted butternut squash, grain bowls, salads … and the list could easily go on. I love the local ladies who run Soom, and I love their silky, smooth tahini, too — so why buy any other brand? While I use it frequently, tahini has started to feel a bit like a luxury item, so I figured, why not throw it on the Christmas list this year!”
2. Dapper Animal Salad Plates from West Elm ($10 per plate). “I’ve been obsessing over these plates ever since I first saw them. I do a lot of food photography and food styling, and naturally these would fit right into that, lending a unique addition to the table. They’re fun and a little silly, making them perfect for the laid-back vibe I strive for when hosting a dinner party.”

Emily Watson of Nourishing Matters
Gifts on her wish list:
1. Gift card to La Colombe. “Not being much of a coffee drinker, I usually order hot tea when I’m out. Unfortunately tea offerings are second rate to a cafe’s coffee. But La Colombe’s new tea program, heralded by local tea expert Alexis Siemons, rivals its coffee program, and I’m learning to appreciate the nuances of a great cup. A gift card to La Colombe will help me work my way through all of their loose and sacheted options.”
2. Serving board from Vestige Home (starting at $65). “People eat with their eyes first, and avocado toast, roasted veggies, and even a simple crudité and hummus platter look infinitely more appealing on a beautiful wood board. I’ve been eyeing Roxbourough-based Vestige Home’s wares for some time now, and the cutting boards and spreading knives are on the top of my list.”

Jess Baumgardner of Health Coach Philly and WholePHL
Gifts on her wish list:
1. Juice delivery from Juice Dr. (prices vary; trial delivery prices start at $40). “I love having fresh juice in the winter because it breaks up the (mostly) warm, cooked meals I am gravitating towards. I recently connected with FJ, a Philly local and the owner of Juice Dr., and love that they DELIVER their fresh juices to your house. (Did I mention that I am also very lazy in the winter?) A week of free juice delivery would make me very happy!”
2. Franklin & Whitman Facial Care Kit ($100). “ This Philly-based all-natural skincare company truly uses only REAL ingredients. Their products smell divine and we all need the excuse for more self-care! If the entire face kit is pricing you out, opt for one of the masks!”

Vincent Finazzo of Riverwards Produce
Gifts on his wish list:
1. Bamboo steamers (prices vary). “I love these because they are one of the cheapest kitchen items that make the biggest impact on what you cook. Easy to find in any Chinatown market, a bamboo steamer allows you to cook your meals in one of the healthiest ways possible. A plus to buying this gift is that you get to escape the hell of Center City holiday shopping, venture into Chinatown and grab a bowl of ramen while you’re there.”
2. Mushroom growing kit (prices vary; starting around $12). “Grow-your-own mushroom kits are super cool and easy to use. I think Philly Homebrew sells them (along with cheesemaking kits, which also rule) and Whole Foods.”

Khoran Horn of Stripp’d Juice
Gifts on his wish list:
1. Joule from ChefSteps ($199). “I already own one of these Sous Vide machines and am getting another one,and using one at the new Stripp’d.”
2. Gift card to The Head Nut in Reading Terminal Market. “This is where I get all of my spices and hard-to-find grains.”

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