Stripp’d Juice Coming to Fishtown’s Frankford Avenue 

Stripp'd Juice | Photo via Instagram

Stripp’d Juice | Photo via Instagram

I’m going to need someone to start chaperoning me on my walks to work so that I don’t spend all my money buying a daily juice from the new Stripp’d Juice opening in Fishtown. Did you hear that? A second Stripp’d Juice location, people! Go ahead and join me in jumping for joy.

The new Stripp’d will be housed in the new two-story City Fitness location opening at 1424-34 Frankford Avenue. According to the folks at City Fitness, Stripp’d is set to open when the new gym opens its doors in September, and the shop will have two storefronts: one that will be accessible from the street, and one inside the gym.

As Khoran Horn, owner of Stripp’d — which opened its first location in Old City in October — said in a press release, “We’re excited to be a part of what’s happening with food, health, and wellness in Philadelphia and we want Stripp’d to be an integral part of people’s daily routine in Fishtown.” Now, who else is squealing with joy/panicking at the thought of spending their life savings on Jala at Ya Boy green juices?

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