The Checkup: The 21-Day At-Home Workout Challenge for Toned Arms

• It’s easy to forget about your arms when they spend most of the colder months hidden under bulky sweaters. Enter this 21-day arm-sculpting challenge to ensure you don’t forget about your arms all winter long. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• If you’ve been contemplating quitting Facebook (because who can take it right now, honestly?), a new study says you should probably go ahead and pull the trigger — for your happiness’s sake. [Science of Us]

• Here’s a women’s health issue that you probably don’t think of as a women’s health issue: Alzheimers. [Well + Good]

• It’s about that time: Time when, suddenly, everyone in your office and their mother has a cold. This list of tips from doctors on how they avoid getting sick should come in handy. [Men’s Health]

• Here, the case for adding chlorophyll — yep, that’s the pigment responsible for photosynthesis in plants — to your diet. [TIME]

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