The Checkup: The Pep Talk Generator You Need to Bookmark Now

• We all have our days (cough, Mondays, cough) when we could use a little Coach Taylor-esque game-day pep talk. In lieu of Coach Taylor, there’s this brilliant online pep talk generator. It’s designed for everyday use, but it’s a Monday morning savior if we’ve ever seen one. [Greatist]

• A trampoline cave: Best workout spot ever? Probably definitely yes. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• After years of controversy, emulsifying agent carrageenan (you’ll find it in items like almond milk) has gotten the boot from all organic foods. [Well + Good]

• It’s time to throw away your Dr. Pepper-scented lip balm — it could be doing your chapped lips more harm than good. [Women’s Health]

• ’Tis sick season, sadly. Next time you find yourself under the weather, take note of these nine foods and drinks to avoid while on bed rest. [Men’s Health]

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