You Can Get a Vitamin-Loaded IV Treatment at the Philly Marathon Finish

Well, this is different.

Fun fact: The first time I had to have blood drawn, I bit the nurse who tried to stick me with a needle. And before you think, “Oh, well, you were probably a toddler. Totally normal,” just know: I was 12 years old. So me and my needle-fearing self will let you be the judge of the IV treatment trend. This Sunday, RestoreIV, the East Falls medical practice that specializes in IV vitamin and nutrient therapy, will be at the Philadelphia Marathon finish line administering IV vitamin treatments designed to help runners rehydrate and avoid dreaded muscle cramps.

If you’re wondering WTF IV therapy is, essentially, it’s a dose of fluids and nutrients delivered straight to your vein. You’ve probably seen someone from The Real Housewives of somewhere indulging in the trend after a night of too many drinks and bickering on Bravo. RestoreIV has a number of signature treatments, including one dubbed“Performance,” designed to help athletes recover.

As the IV pros said in a press release announcing their tent at the marathon finish, “Founders Drs. Jason Hartman, Jonathan White and their medical staff will provide IV therapies of B complex, B12, vitamin C and magnesium to help runners feel like new after the race … Runners will receive custom treatments based on a variety of factors, including age, body type, physical fitness level and acute issues. As a special for Philadelphia Marathon runners, all IV therapies provided at the finish line will cost $99. Regular treatments cost between $149 to $179.”

And there you have it, folks: your extravagant banana alternative.

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