The Checkup: This Is Why You’re Still (STILL!) Breaking Out

• If you’re wondering why in the world — WHYYYYY?! — you are still waking up with pimples when you are a grown person, not a teenager, chances are you’re breaking out for the same reason you did back in your high school days: hormones. Darn you, hormones! [TIME]

• Whoa. I dare you to check out the photos of this fancy-shmancy new meditation club in Manhattan and not feel the sudden urge to let out an “Om” or two. [Well + Good]

• And speaking of meditation, you know what’s better for rowdy kids than detention? You guessed it: Meditation! And school programs seems to agree. [Science of Us]

• We don’t blame you if you buy everything — including food — online. I mean, why wouldn’t you? In fact, we’re here to help: Here are 10 delicious healthy snacks, all of which can be bought on Amazon. [The Strategist]

Running with guns: Apparently it’s a thing some (and by some, we’re talking a very small percentage) are doing. [Runner’s World]

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