The Checkup: Whole Foods Is Getting in on the Meal-Kit Delivery Business (Whole Foods Addicts, Rejoice!)

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• Yesterday, the folks over at Grub Street let us all know that Whole Foods will be taking its rewards program nationwide (I know, we’ve already got that in Philly — yawn). But that’s not the only change Whole Foods is making. They also have plans to up their meal-kit game, with Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey saying in an earnings call that more ready-made meal solutions are a comin’ and folks will be able to buy them in stores (which you can do at Whole Foods’ new Pennsylvania Avenue location already) or have them delivered to your door. Ooooh! [Grub Street]

• Looking to reduce stress? Listen to this song, science says. [Byrdie]

• Whoa. Here’s a trick to cut your cooking time for grains in half: Throw them in the food processor first. [Bon Appetit]

• Sure, we are judgmental creatures. But before you judge, well, everyone during your gym session tonight, take note: One Facebook user just shut down all your assumptions about fellow gym goers in a single status update. [Greatist]

Cheesesteak omelet? ’Tis a thing. (And it’s loaded with protein.) [Men’s Health]

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