The Checkup: How You’re Messing Up Your Protein Intake

And more healthy reads for your morning!

• If you’ve been known to pile more chicken breasts than you care to share onto a single salad in the hopes of squeezing all your protein for the day into one meal, it’s time to stop. As obesity specialist and author Caroline Cederquist explains in a breakdown of secrets to rev up your metabolism, “You can only utilize four to six ounces of protein at a time. If you consume more than that at one sitting, it will get stored as fat.” Womp, womp. The easy fix: Spread your servings of protein out throughout the day to get the most bang for your [insert protein of choice here]. [Health]

• Interesting! Standing up straight like your mom always tells you to (just mine?) could have profound effects on way more than just your posture. [Fast Company]

• Regardless of whether you’re a night owl or a rise-with-the-birds morning person, it seems you’re better off making decisions earlier in the day, according to a new study. [Well + Good]

• This new list ranks “superfoods” from least impressive to most impressive. And let’s just say, you’re about to regret buying a case of coconut oil. [Outside]

• Because a workout with no music is a sad workout: The best workout headphones, according to the folks over at Men’s Health. [Men’s Health]

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