The Haiku-Filled Philly Instagram Account Healthy Foodies Should Be Following

The handle is — wait for it — @chewhaiku.

Photos via Instagram | @Chewhaiku

Photos via Instagram | @Chewhaiku

Here in Be Well Philly Land, we love a Philly Instagram account that helps us up our healthy-eating game. (We love ‘em so much that we put together a whole list of our favorites right here.) And you know what’s even better than an Instagram account that inspires you to finally (FINALLY!) conquer the art of making an acai bowl? I’ll tell you: An Instagram account that inspires you to conquer the art of making an acai bowl while also making you laugh with clever haiku-filled captions.

And lest you think such an absurd Instagram account does not exist, we’re here to tell you it does: The account @chewhaiku, run by a gal named Jules who posts Instagrams of homemade and restaurant-made healthy eats in both Philly and New York, each one captioned with a short and sweet poem, often a haiku, that relates to the meal, does just that. It’s a lovely little escape in an internet world that is not all that lovely a lot of the time.

A few of our favorite poetry-filled ‘grams from Chewhaiku below. Scroll through, chuckle, drool, then go follow them for future foodie inspiration.

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