The Checkup: How to Knock Out a Week’s Worth of Food Prep in 30 Minutes 

And more reads to make living your best healthy life easy.

• 30 minutes — that’s all the time you need to knock out these nutritionist-approved prep-ahead ingredients for meals and snacks to have on-hand throughout the week. Yep: Just thirty minutes. [Runner’s World]

•  It’s okay to be unapologetically obsessed with fall. In fact, you can’t help it, science says. [Huffington Post]

• If you are a proud card-carrying Costco devotee, take note: According to nutritionists, these are the best healthy items to stock up on at the big-box store. [Women’s Health]

• Welp, people are about to be freaking out about wheat all over again — but this time, it’s ATIs, not gluten, they’ll be talking about. [Well + Good]

• Uh, here’s a reason to try your best to chill the f&*# out: A recent study presented at the annual European College of Neuropsyhopharmacology Congress found that men with generalized anxiety disorder were more than twice as likely to die than men without over a 15-year follow-up period. [Men’s Health]

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