10 Nutritional Yeast Recipes to Try Now (Plus Why You Should Be Eating It)

It's time to feast on nutritional yeast. (It tastes better than it sounds — promise.)

It’s yellow, savory, and works great as a pasta topping — and nope, it’s not cheese. Still stumped? Well, believe it or not, we’re talking about yeast. Yes, yeast. But not just any yeast. We’re talkin’ about the flavorful and B vitamin-packed, protein-packed ingredient known as nutritional yeast, AKA the guilt-free cheese alternative loved by vegans all over.

Unlike regular yeast, nutritional yeast, also known as nooch, (terrible nickname, we know) is inactive, so it won’t make bread rise but it still does a phenomenal job of rising to the occasion (see what we did there?) when you’re looking to add some flavor to a healthy dish. And if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some ideas for you: From artichoke dip to avocado spread to Caesar salads, take your pick!

Vegan Breakfast Nachos
via Post Punk Kitchen

This healthy take on breakfast nachos (!!) is bursting with beans, tofu, tomatoes, and potatoes. But what nacho recipe — breakfast or not — would be complete without cheese? Well, that’s where nutritional yeast comes in, helping to make a more nutritious (but still delicious) cheese sauce replacement.

Kale and Brussels Sprout Caesar Slaw With Pine Nut “Parm”
via The First Mess

This Caesar slaw salad is loaded with lots of leafy greens and topped with a pine nut “parmesan” cheese that gets some help from nooch. Can we get a “Kale yeah”?

Simple Vegan Omelet
via Minimalist Baker

This vegan omelet recipe is jam-packed with vegan goodies like hearty veggies, hummus, paprika and nutritional yeast.

Tofu Avocado Benedict
via My Darling Vegan

Where does the nutritional yeast come in here? That would be in the Hollandaise sauce. Yep: Vegan Hollandaise sauce is a thing. You are welcome.

Kale and White Bean Artichoke Dip
via Minimalist Baker

This recipe’s a great way to change up your boring chip-and-dip routine, whether it be during lunch, an Eagle’s game, or the Super Bowl. (We won’t tell your guests.)

“Cheesy” Vegan Avocado Spread
via The Healthful Ideas

This recipe is creamy, zesty, jam-packed with nutrients, and will cure your 3 p.m. munchies. Need we say more?

Green Lasagna Rolls
via Post Punk Kitchen

Lasagna lovers, rejoice! Tofu, basil, cashews, and pumpkin seeds are just a few of the ingredients in this healthier take on lasagna.

Seven Vegetable and “Cheese” Soup
via Oh She Glows

This soup recipe is savory, loaded with veggies, and the perfect remedy for a cold. Because like it or not, cold season is a comin’, people.

Vegan Pasta Alfredo
via Simple Vegan Blog

Don’t be afraid to say “sayonara” to carbonara: This vegan take on Alfredo sauce pairs cauliflower and nutritional yeast for a creamy sauce that won’t force you to unbuckle your jeans at the dinner table. (We’ve all been there, right?)

Vegan Pesto
via Food52

Once your heart has been won over by nutritional yeast, you’ll surely want to put it on everything you eat. This pesto, which serves as a topping, spread, sauce, and so on, is a quick and easy way to do just that.

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