Ploome Is Hosting a Free (Yes: FREE) 30-Day Workout Challenge

This virtual workout challenge is here to save you from becoming a total couch potato this fall.

If you were just thinking, “Man, the end of free outdoor workout season is going to do me right in,” we are here to save the day: Our friends over at Northern Liberties’ Ploome are putting on a 30-day virtual workout challenge called the #HomeSchooled Virtual Challenge and it starts today!

Here’s the deal: To join in on the challenge, which gets you access to four 30-minute Ploome workout videos (they range from barre to running to Pilates), you just have to sign up on Ploome’s website where you’ll see a pop-up that prompts you to join the challenge. You’ll receive an email that outlines all the instructions after you sign up, but the main points you need to know are that, if you want in on the sweet prizes (prizes include a chance at a sweet vacation and free workouts), you’ll need to complete one workout video every day — you’ll do the same video for the first seven days, then move on to the next video — and document your workout on Instagram every day, starting today, October 5th through November 5th.

Easy as pie, right? If today is not the day for you to jump in on a workout challenge (because happy hour is a callin’), that’s fine — you can jump in whenever you’d like, just note that you will only be eligible for prizes if you start today, October 5th, and complete the challenge, sweating it out to 30 virtual workouts in 30 days, on November 5th.

We’ll be previewing one of the four workout videos from the challenge here each week throughout the challenge. You can see what you’ll find in the first virtual workout, a killer mat workout, below.

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