The Checkup: The Unexpected Item Every Fitness Addict Needs

And more healthy reads to help you have the best week ever.

• After spending a good three years reading up on everything fitness just about every day, there is little advice I haven’t read before. But this nugget from Tim Ferriss of the the popular “The Tim Ferriss Show” podcast is a first: In his new book of must-know fitness advice gleaned from his podcast guests, he claims every athlete should own the Hitachi Magic Wand (that’s, uh, a vibrator) — apparently, it delivers the exact hertz necessary to relax chronically tensed muscles. [Outside Online]

• How to get your daily dose of fermented foods in today: This drool-worthy — and easy! — kimchi udon noodle dish. [Bon Appetit]

• There is nothing worse than getting out of one work meeting with 15 minutes until you need to be in the next one. What’s one to do with 15 measly minutes?! Well, here, productivity experts have some ideas to make those minutes count. [Fast Company]

• A not-so-welcome side effect of your birth control: Depression, a recent Danish study finds. [New York Times]

• BREAKING NEWS: Juicy Couture sweatsuits are making a comeback. [Well + Good]

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