Video: How to Slay Your Workout Like Beyoncé, According to Beyoncé

Meet the only workout motivation you'll ever need.

A big ol’ hat tip to the folks over at Well + Good for bringing this video of Beyoncé divulging all the details on how she makes it through a killer sweat session to our attention. Pretty sure it is now the one and only piece of fitness motivation we will ever rely on here at Be Well Philly HQ.

The Instagram video — a promo for Beyoncé’s activewear line Ivy Park, naturally — features Queen Bey talking about how she pushes herself through her workouts alongside clips of her killing it in various sweaty scenarios: the gym, on stage, at dance rehearsals. Our favorite nugget of workout wisdom from the video: When Beyoncé feels like dying during a workout, she pictures the person she loves the most in the world (we’re assuming Jay Z … ?) cheering for her as she runs to them. And then she finishes her workout like a boss. Because she’s Beyoncé.

You can see the full video below. After watching it 6,994,389 times, go ahead and bookmark it for days when you are digging for inspiration to slay your sweat session.

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