Whoa: The Sandwich Masters at Philly Style Bagels Made a Vegan Pastrami Sandwich

Spoiler: It looks delicious.

If your stomach is starting grumble, take note of this food porn, courtesy of Fishtown’s Philly Style Bagels.

The shop, whose Classic Lox sandwich was just named the best sandwich in the country by Bon Appetit (!!), created a vegan pastrami sandwich that they posted to Instagram this morning, using seitan as the meat-like base. And we imagine it tastes like heaven on a warm everything bagel. Commenters seem to agree: The comments section is a jumble of “omfg” and pleas for them to keep the sandwich on the menu.

In true hipster-y Fishtown form (I live there, so I can say that), Philly Style Bagels doesn’t seem to have a phone number listed anywhere, so looks like you’ll just have to pop over to the shop to see how long you’ll be able to get your hands on one of these bad boys. The shop is at 1451 East Columbia Avenue, and note that they often sell out of bagels before their closing time. (Because they are just that good.)

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