The Checkup: The Ultimate Vegan Trader Joe’s Shopping List

And more healthy reads to perk up your week.

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

• Planning on braving the post-work nightmare that is Trader Joe’s at 6 p.m. on a Monday? First off, let me just say: You are a hero. And secondly, before you head to TJ’s, you should read through this list of the best vegan finds in the store’s aisles and update your shopping list accordingly. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• There’s a new kind of running in town: It’s called ChiRunning and it has nothing to do with Chicago. (Don’t worry: I totally thought it did, too.) [TIME]

• The sad truth: Salads can easily be havoc-wreaking meals for your gut. Here, a gastroenterologist shares her top tricks for avoiding post-Sweetgreen (or made-at-home-copycat-Sweetgreen) bloat. [Well + Good]

• Have to scrub down your kitchen? Or reorganize the tornado that is your closet? Or call your Great Aunt Sally? Here, why you should do the things you dread when you’re in the best mood ever, according to science. [Science of Us]

• Whoa: A company called Perfect Day is whipping up REAL milk in labs — made with the help of zero cows — to create vegan-friendly dairy products. I repeat: Whoa. [Fast Company]

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