YESSSSSS: MOM’s Organic Market Opens 2nd Philly-Area Location This Week

The new market features an all-organic produce section, a recycling center and — wait for it — a sustainable insect proteins section. 

Raise your hand if the thought of shopping the aisles of a brand spankin’ new grocery store gives you ALL the excitement-induced butterflies. Same. Which is why, as I type this, I keep having to hold back screeches of joy (I can’t be that office mate). Here goes: This Friday, August 26th, Maryland-based MOM’s Organic Market is opening its second Philly-area location at 1631 Kings Highway North in Cherry Hill. Excuse me while I go let out a big “Eeeeeeee!”

Okay, back.

MOM’s, which currently has one location in Bryn Mawr and is slated to open another location on East Market’s 11th Street in the future, is known for its super-sustainable practices. Think: A giant bulk section (adios, unnecessary packaging!) and zero plastic bags in their stores; a ban on bottled water to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste; only sustainable seafood (yes, that includes canned tuna); and a produce section thats completely organic.

The Cherry Hill location will feature a recycling center (yes, they’ll take wine corks — all the praise-hands emoji to your love for wine becoming more sustainable), a sustainable insect proteins section (really), an all-organic and vegetarian eatery called Naked Lunch, a giant liquid bulk section where you’ll find everything from oil to honey to hand soap; a large health and wellness section complete with everything from bulk herbs to clothing; and — wait for it — a backyard beekeeping section.

We know: It’s a sustainable-living junkie’s dream come true.

This weekend’s grand opening will feature live music, meet and greets with local environmental organizations, tastings and lots of kids activities (hello, henna art). You can find more details on the opening (festivities will go through the weekend) here.

Now, who else will be taking a little field trip outside of the city to do their grocery shopping this week?

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