The Prettiest Fitness Challenge Ever: Tackle All of the Wissahickon’s Trails

The All Trails Challenge: Your key to spending a whole lot of time in nature this fall.


The Wissahickon | Photo by Flickr user Pauline Rosenberg

There isn’t much better incentive to get your heart rate up in the great outdoors come fall than the promise of catching a good glimpse of the season’s lovely, Hallmark-card-worthy red, orange and yellow leaves, are we right? And one of the very best spots to take them in? The Wissahickon, of course. And this fall, Friends of the Wissahickon is challenging everyone to put on their hiking boots, bike helmets and running shoes and tackle ALL of the Wissahickon’s trails — that would be over 50 miles of them — with their All Trails Challenge. Just think of all the Instagram-worthy, fall-leaf-filled photo ops!

Here’s the deal: The challenge, a four-month-long affair, kicked off on Friday. (Don’t worry: You can still register.) The idea is that, from now through November 29th, everyone participating will have tackled 50 miles of trails (unless you opt for the slightly less intimidating 30-mile option) in the Wissahickon while raising funds for the park. Everyone who registers with a minimum of $50 raised or contributed will be entered to win prizes based on the number of miles they complete.

Participants are encouraged to track their miles with an app of their choice then log them here with a screenshot from the tracking app included for verification. FOW also has group hikes and walks schedules for folks participating in the All Trails Challenge, like a 3.5-mile Trails Less Traveled hike taking participants to spots that aren’t often explored (ooooh!) and a 1.5-mile geology hike (find info on those here). Participants will also receive a map of the Wissahickon outlining the trails after registering.

And hey, even if you don’t come close to racking up the most miles of all the participants, the challenge still serves as the perfect reason to spend your weekends out exploring nature-filled spots like Forbidden Drive and Devil’s Pool as the seasons change instead of sinking further and further into your couch with marathons of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. (I mean, not that that’s what I do with my weekends or anything.)

You can find more info and register here.

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