The Checkup: The New Trader Joe’s Items to Throw In Your Shopping Cart

And more healthy reads for your weekend.

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

Trader Joe’s lovers, rejoice! The store’s got some sweet new items on its shelves, including Hass avocado oil for a pretty cheap $8.99 (Spectrum’s will run you $12.99 for a bottle half the size), vegetable spring rolls loaded with goodies like kale and edamame, and sweetened dried orange slices — because we all need dessert. Now you know what to keep your eyes peeled for when you’re waiting in the wrap-around-the-store line this weekend. [Real Simple]

• Americans don’t seem to be in the baby-making mood — and it could have something to do with how terrible our child-care system is. [Science of Us]

• For the past few days, the Internet has been awash with blog posts about the recent killings of females runners. Here, Runner’s World points to the reason why the “Here’s How Women Can Run More Safely” posts aren’t the right approach. [Runner’s World]

• Here, how to rule the brunch game: A homemade lox recipe you can’t possibly screw up. [Greatist]

• Planning on booking it a few miles in a race sometime soon? You’re going to want to go ahead and bookmark this ultimate race-day planner for runners. [New York Times]

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