Dairy-Free Caffeine Addicts, Rejoice! Starbucks Will Soon Have Almond Milk

Photo by Flickr user Derivative Course

Photo by Flickr user derivativeofcourse

Starbucks has some good news for all the dairy-free caffeine addicts out there: Starting in September, the company will add almond milk to its non-dairy milk offerings. Victory!

Back in February of 2015, the company added coconut milk to its menu, alongside the OG of dairy milk alternatives, soy milk. But according to a news release put out by Starbucks earlier this week, customers are still demanding almond milk. So, the company has created its own unflavored almond milk, which they call Almondmilk (creative, guys), that they say is designed to get nice and frothy for hot beverages and make iced beverages creamy. And a note for all you at-home almond-milk makers: Starbucks’ Almondmilk recipe sneaks in a bit of almond butter to create body. Interesting, eh?

According to the news release, Starbucks’ Almondmilk will make its debut in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, New York, Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest on September 6th, making its way to all nationwide locations by the end of the month. Happy dairy-free caffeine guzzling, people!

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