Coconut Milk Coming to Philly Starbucks This Month

Soy-milk haters, rejoice!



For all you lactose-averse, soy-milk-hating latte lovers out there, I’ve got some good news: According to the folks at Grub Street, Starbucks will be adding coconut milk to its menu as a dairy-free alternative for hot and cold drinks at all nationwide locations starting February 17th.

Starbucks has been testing their coconut milk — made with coconut water, coconut milk, sugar, and emulsifiers that allow for that lovely latte froth — at locations in Portland, Cleveland and Los Angeles for a few months now. And we’re guessing they’ve gotten a good response from customers, now that they’ve decided to offer it at locations nationwide. So mark your calendars, coffee fiends: February 17th is the day to modify your Starbucks order to include the words “coconut milk.”

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