The Checkup: The Magical Avocado Time Machine That Puts an End to Brown Guacamole 

And more healthy reads to kick off your morning.

• Today’s genius invention we wish we’d thought of ourselves: The Avocado Time Machine. As you probably know, the flesh of an avocado starts to brown after you cut into it, which makes keeping guacamole around pretty difficult. But an Australian company has created what they call the Avocado Time Machine, a machine that switches off the enzymes that lead to browning, halting the process for 10 days. Sadly, the machine is giant and not designed for at-home use (more for large companies), but we’ll just be over here keeping our fingers crossed that the Easy-Bake Oven-like version of the machine is on its way. [Fast Company]

• If you haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in a while, you need to do that — stat. [Women’s Health]

• It’s not your fault you NEED ice cream — or at least something (anything!) sweet — after a sweat session, science says. [Huffington Post]

• What beats plain ol’ competing in the Olympics? Getting proposed to at the Olympics after competing in the Olympics. And that’s just what happened to Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerulla. [The Cut]

• And speaking of the Olympics, here, The Atlantic’s James Hamblin compares cupping — the ancient Chinese therapy made famous by Michael Phelps this week — to Donald Trump. [The Atlantic]

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