10 Awesome Local Vegan Instagrammers You Should Be Following

If you've ever needed inspiration to eat more fruits and veggies, feast your eyes!

Let’s be honest: Sometimes we all need a little extra push to get our daily doses of fruits and veggies in. And in my experience, even just seeing pictures of healthy, nutrient-rich meals other people are fueling their bodies with inspires me to put the box of Kraft back in the cupboard and whip out the arugula and avocado, instead. And the best source of veggie and fruit-filled food porn? The vegans of Instagram, of course. These Instagrammers have the magical ability to make mouths water with photos of smoothies and kale salad. Really.

So, to help you start putting your social media addiction to good (and healthy) use, we rounded up 10 Philly-based vegan Instagrammers who you should be following. These 10 accounts will have you ditching pizza for avocado rose-topped zoodles in no time flat. 

Healthy lifestyle blogger Kate Van Horn is #kaleinit, no doubt. Brace your eyes for lots of photos of avocado toast, oodles of spiralized veggies, and some inspirational quotes, too.

Late lunchin.

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This Philly vegan will inspire you to taste the rainbow with her gorgeous pictures of fruit-filled smoothie bowls and nice cream. But don’t worry, she throws in some vegan indulgences too, like vegan pizza, donuts and mac and cheese. Seriously, I’m drooling over here, guys.

Looking for some plant-based breakfast inspiration? Look no further: This gal behind this feed is a self-proclaimed fruit and pancake fanatic and she’s got one of the most colorful, smoothie bowl-filled feeds I have ever laid eyes on.

This Philly-based holistic heath coach and plant-based recipe developer proves that a veggie-packed diet is anything but boring. Expect to feast your eyes on everything from gluten-free, vegan cauliflower tacos to rainbow rice bowls to vegan crab cakes bites and more.

@missrachelspantry Sesame Trumpet Mushroom Scallops, Pea Puree, Trumpet Mushroom Bacon, Red Pepper Cream

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The Philly Vegans account is a must-follow account for plant-based-food-loving Philadelphians. You’ll learn exactly where you can find delicious vegan goodies like banana whips, dairy-free ice cream, jackfruit tacos, and some healthy stuff too, like kale salads and fresh-pressed juice in every nook and cranny of our city.

Taco Tuesday with my good friend @eatsoftheweek #tacotuesday #taqueriafeliz

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This account definitely deserves your love, guys. This Instagrammer is “veganstagraming” (clever, no?) her way though Philly — and boy, does it look good or what? Her feed is filled with acai bowls, cauliflower tacos, falafel quinoa bowls, and other vegan eats you can find around town as well as some homemade meal inspiration like her Thai curry with tempeh, and baked apple cinnamon granola.

If you’re on the hunt for vegan finds in the ‘burbs look no further: This Instagram account captures finds at Philly vegan hot spots like Vedge and Bar Bombon along with lesser-known spots in the Philly suburbs.

Roasted zucchini gribiche over grilled asparagus with dried olive and pistachio. #newtonight

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And speaking of Vedge, you know we couldn’t leave them off this list. The crazy-talented masterminds at this veggie joint have the power to make plant-based cuisine (and happy hour cocktails) look absolutely divine. Think I’m kidding? Check it out for yourself.

OK, I’m totally guilty of obsessing over this account, but I just can’t resist. I’ve been following this vegan account for awhile now and her account never fails to make me drool, whether it’s with innovative snacks like buffalo avocado wings and salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas, or delicious, veganized meals from Whole Foods or El Vez.

Plant-based nutritionist and founder of Raw Is Sexy Lauren Deyenno takes you behind the scenes of her vegan lifestyle with pictures of vibrant fruit and veggie bowls, smoothies, inspirational quotes, and the occasional fitness motivation, too.

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