New Pizza Shop Coming to Rittenhouse Will Have — Drumroll, Please — Salad Pizza 

We repeat: Salad Pizza (!!!).

Salad Pizza | Photo courtesy &pizza

Salad Pizza | Photo courtesy &pizza

Yesterday, our friends over at Foobooz clued everyone into the fact that D.C.-based &pizza — a pizza chain that focuses on made-to-order pies made with organic dough and seasonal, local ingredients — will be setting up shop in Rittenhouse come fall. And one of the menu items they’ll be bringing to our fair city? Salad Pizza. I repeat: Salad Pizza. I.e. Pizza you can’t possible feel guilty about eating because it’s topped with SALAD.

We were curious to know more about this Salad Pizza, so we reached out to see what exactly goes into it. Here’s the deal: Piled on top of the cooked pizza dough is a mix of romaine, cucumber, tomato, feta croutons, pickled red onions and ranch dressing. So basically, it’s a salad served atop pizza dough. And if you’re anything like me, it’s also a marriage of your two favorite foods in the whole wide world.

And let me tell you: We will not judge if, when the shop arrives at 15th and Walnut Street, you start calling said pizza your new favorite lunch salad. We will probably (definitely) be doing the same.

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