&pizza Makes Its Way from D.C to Rittenhouse

The Democrats aren't the only folks heading to Philly from D.C.

It’s only been a few weeks since HipCityVeg expanded to Washington D.C., and now Philly is about to welcome a D.C. export into Rittenhouse. &pizza will be opening its doors this fall at 15th and Walnut.

And we already know what you’re thinking: “Another pizza place? Great…”

But there might be a little something more to this one.

&pizza was founded in 2012 and has taken over the D.C. area with 15 restaurants. They pride themselves on their innovative and organic pizzas. Their GMO, MSG and high fructose corn syrup-free pizzas are made-to-order.

You can test out one of their “hits” or create your own. Philly will get a taste of the two newest hits, the Pineapple Jack (a take on Hawaiian Pizza) and the Salad Pizza (quite the oxymoron there). They also make their own sodas with flavors like Ginger Berry Lemonade and Pear + Fig Elixir.

&pizza also focuses on cultivating a community around their brand. Their &charity foundation works with organizations in the area to give back. They are currently taking recommendations for Philadelphia-based organizations to partner with on their site.

And their employees have formed an almost cult-like devotion to the brand. The so-called “Tribe Members” are known for getting tattoos of the brand’s ampersand (and doing it on founder Michael Lastoria‘s dime), and that’s… Well, that’s certainly something.

But hey, if you love pizza and tattoos, and also need a job, I would check their website for an application.

&pizza [Official Site]